Monday, March 28, 2011

If you are wanting to learn to trim the Hair DownThere...

You have definitely come to the right place.  There is no right or wrong way to do it as long as the outcome is a visually pleasing and very managably sexual region.  As mentioned in the previous page, pubic hair is not very thick on most people.  The wrong move with a trimmer/razor can make you have to shave it all off and start over again when it grows back.  This can take a month or two before you get the second chance.  Therefore, I recommend to proceed with caution and do it as close to right the first time. 

First of all I recommend you DO NOT USE A RAZOR!!!  I have seen too many that end up with a horrible rash that makes the area anything but visually pleasing.  A razor cuts the hair at an angle, some hairs at a very sharp angle.  This is why the area looks great right after the shave, but the next day it is a nightmare.  When the hair starts to grow it pricks the skin as it emerges and causes irritation.  Then you get the red bumps and rash.  By the time the rash heals the hair has grown enough that it needs to be shaven again...The endless loop of a horrible rash.  Sure there are products such as powders nad cremes that supposedly get rid of the rash, but there you have another expense even if they work.

Another problem with a razor is the fact you want a very sharp one, in the very delicate bikini area you have very sensitive Labia in females and penis and testicles in males...HELL NO!!!  Way too much to go wrong there.

Ok, so what do we use???  Something that is gentle enough for the pubic regions, yet strong enough to get the job done?  Well the answer is right here:

The Philips Bodygroom TT2030


This trimmer is amzing in everyway!!  You will NEVER want to use another razor again in that delicate area.  No matter how sensitive your skin is, you will not breakout!  I can't say enough good about this product!  Buy it and but it NOW!

I use it on my entire bikini area, my testicles included.  My skin is as soft is it can be and not ONE SINGLE BLEMISH...EVER!!!!

Below I have included pictures of my pubic area, minus genitalia of course, to show that I have NO bumps at all. Below I have included pictures of my pubic area, minus genitalia of course, to show that I have NO bumps at all. There are 4 images the first is the entire area, then it is cut into Left, Middle and Right. (If you click on any one of the individual pictures it will enlarge in an individual window so you can see detail.)  Please note that this is 48 hours after using the TT2030 and the hair is starting to bud through the surface of the skin, and there is not a single bump or blemish!!

I don't know about you, but I have never had these results with any other razor ever.  As far as styling, shaping etc..these items will be discussed later.  I just wanted you to know about the TT2030 so if you just want to shave the areas that are closest to the waist band and legs holes of your bikini bottom you know what you can use.  And use with confidence.

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